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American Express is the latest company to become a member of RippleNet, joining the ranks of Credit Agricole, Airwallex, Cuallix, and more.

American Express is joining Ripple’s blockchain network to provide real-time, business-to-business global payments that will ultimately enhance their customers’ experience.

Initially, American Express FX International Payments (FXIP) will partner with Santander UK to create a transaction channel between the U.S. and U.K. — a first and a boon for the corridor. The U.S. is the U.K.’s largest trading partner, creating an immediate need for frictionless commercial global payments in the U.K. market.


By leveraging the power of RippleNet, FXIP customers will see an immediate improvement in how they send money globally.

Compared with the traditional payment process, Ripple’s blockchain-enabled payments simplify connections with intermediaries and provide immediate end-to-end visibility into the transaction status and cost.


アメリカンエクスプレスのGlobal Corporate Payments部門のエクゼクティブ・ヴァイス・プレジデントであるGreg Keeley氏は以下のように述べています。「我々はブロックチェーン技術が、顧客へのサービスにおいて、すでにいかに革新をもたらしているかを見てきました」



FXIP’s partnership with Santander UK to send cross-border payments between the U.S and U.K  will help American Express not only streamline commercial payments, but also establish a wider footprint in the U.K.

José Luis Calderón, Santander’s global head of transaction banking, said, “This blockchain solution opens up a new channel between the U.S. and the U.K. and presents a significant opportunity for payments globally.

「先進的な事業会社とコラボレートすることで、画期的で、安全で、かつ摩擦のない送金ソリューションを提供することが可能になり、我々の”Simple, Personal, Fair”という哲学をアメリカンエクスプレスとその顧客にも拡張することができます」

Ripple社CEOのBrad GarlinghouseはCalderón氏のコメントに同意し、以下のとおり述べています。」Rippleはアメリカンエクスプレスとサンタンデール銀行と協業することで、事業顧客が現在国際送金において直面している問題を解決するための非常に大きな一歩を踏み出しています」

“Transfers that used to take days will be completed in real time, allowing money to move as fast as businesses move today. It’s just the beginning, and we look forward to growing this partnership to help other American Express FXIP customers.

Contact us to learn more about Ripple’s growing network, and how other companies are helping to create one frictionless experience to send money globally.


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